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Ígnia (Igneous): adj. [LC] related to fire or its qualities.

Flesh and catharsis come together in Ígnia (Igneous), where we find both the shout and the whisper, within a smooth blend of their elements. Namina’s second record is conceived as a single whole, narrating us in ten acts, and through an emotional chronology, the story of a vital life shift. Ígnia sounds like a common place, an open heart, where different moments converge acquiring the shape of songs.

In the previous record, Orlando, her first studio release, Namina’s sonority was already defined by an eclectic, though recognisable, style. In Ígnia, this features gets consolidated, gaining in its electric trend. Still, the songs continue rolling and ruling, over all the clichés.

Here we meet again the band that joins her since 2014. Between them, they fill in and out the multiple layers of each piece.